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Renters Insurance in Texas

Renting a home, apartment or condo in Texas comes with its share of risks similar to owning property. You may not be responsible for protecting the dwelling itself, but you are responsible for protecting your belongings. You’re also responsible for liability claims made against you due to accidental injuries that occur while someone is visiting your rented property. Renters insurance from Ross Insurance agency in Waco, TX offers property and liability protection and more to protect your assets when renting a home.

Property Protection

Renter’s property insurance protects your belongings. Even if you don’t own high-end items, imagine how much it would cost to replace everything you own if your rental home were destroyed by fire or suffered extensive damage by torrential rains or a tornado. By investing in renter’s property coverage, you can protect your goods against theft, vandalism, fire and natural disasters common to Texas.

Liability Protection

Accidents happen all the time and usually when we least expect them. A friend could slip on the stairs or trip over your dog while visiting your home, prompting a trip to the hospital for stitches or twisted ankle and leaving you to cover medical costs. Renter’s liability coverage pays for accidental injuries or property damage visitors may suffer while on your rental property, so you don’t have to cover these expenses out of your own pocket.

Loss of Use

Renters insurance also offers loss of use coverage to help pay for your living expenses elsewhere in the event you had to leave your rental home due to disaster damage. If a powerful storm causes extensive damage to your rented home, you may need to move out while repairs are made. Loss of use coverage provides compensation for food, hotel bills, travel costs, etc., during this time so you don’t suffer financial loss.

To learn more about renter's insurance coverage and costs, call or visit Ross Insurance Agency in Waco, TX.