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Life Insurance in Texas

If you're in need of life insurance or even if it's something you've never previously thought about getting for yourself, it's well worthwhile to investigate. Talk to an insurance professional serving the Waco, TX area like the specialists at Ross Insurance Agency. You can find out what your options are and how life insurance will benefit you and your loved ones in various ways.

Though there are no requirements in Texas to have life insurance, there are specific rules that apply to protect all consumers who purchase a life insurance policy in the state. For instance, your agent must have a federal securities license as well as a state insurance license to issue insurance policies.

Why Life Insurance Is a Great Idea

When you need to plan for your future, especially when it comes to how your family will manage if you're no longer with them, life insurance is ideal. It is a great financial planning tool to have in place, regardless of your age or health circumstances.

An agent will discuss your particular life situation and find out what policy and additional coverage will best suit your needs.

Types of Life Insurance Coverage from Our Texas Agency

Though our agency may not have all types of coverage, there is a wide array of options from which you can choose. Some of the most common are as follows:

  • Term Life Insurance is said to be the simplest type. Your family (or anyone you deem to be a beneficiary) only receives payment if you pass away within the term, which is between 1 to 30 years.
  • Whole life or permanent insurance is paid out no matter when you pass away. Traditional whole life offers a payment stays the same amount throughout the life of the policy, though the premium increases each year.

Local Assistance from a Company That Cares

Here at Ross Insurance Agency, we place a high value on being a local independent agency that provides personalized service. Not only do we set our customers up with life insurance, but we also assist when it comes to other types of insurance needs. If you want to find out more, reach out by calling or sending a message through our website form. We look forward to helping you get the insurance coverage that makes sense for your situation.