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Home Insurance in Texas

Homeowners insurance isn't just about protecting your home; it is about giving the homeowner a sense of security. Knowing that your property will be financially protected against damage or destruction will give you peace of mind. And the great thing about homeowners of insurance is that there are different kinds of coverages to serve a wide range of needs. Coverage can include the following:

  • Personal property damage. This pays for damage to furniture, clothing, and personal items.
  • Dwelling coverage. This covers damage to the actual property.
  • Loss of use, paying for additional expenses.
  • Personal liability. Medical bills and employee wages are paid for.

Home Insurance in Texas

This type of insurance can protect the homeowner against a variety of situations, including theft, vandalism, explosion, flooding, fire, insect infestation, earthquakes, storms, vehicle crashes, and leaks. The insurance policies you choose should depend on the property you own and the area that it resides in. For example, Texan homeowners are more likely to buy flood insurance because some Texas homes are at a higher risk of flooding. If you live in a FEMA designated flood zone in Texas, then it is recommended that you buy flood insurance for your home. Wind storms and hail storms are also frequent in Texas, so insurance that covers those are also popular.

Insurance Requirements in Waco, TX

According to the Texas Department of Insurance, homeowner's insurance isn't a requirement for property owners. However, some loan lenders will require you to have it. This is to ensure that the loan lender doesn't miss payments by the homeowner due to damage costs.

If you are interested in learning more about homeowner’s insurance in Texas, feel free to contact Ross Insurance Agency. Our agency provides quality homeowners insurance, including policies that cover personal property damage and liability protection. Call today to get a quote.