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Commercial Insurance in Texas

Commercial insurance covers a broad range of policies that businesses operating in Texas may need. Ross Insurance Agency of Waco, TX can provide the right commercial insurance for your company, as well as help new ventures find what insurance they may need when first beginning. Commons types of commercial insurance in Texas include:

  • General and Professional Liability: These very common types of liability insurance protect businesses against liability claims for everything from injuries to property damage to false advertising. These policies tend to be highly customizable, and many industries have their own liability insurance requirements that businesses must meet. It's important to meet such requirements so that a business avoids penalties and appears professional.
  • Workers' Compensation: Workers' compensation provides payments for medical care and lost income for employees, among other related costs. Texas does not require private employers to have workers' compensation, although it remains very common in industries where such requirements are common. All businesses that work in the public sector must have workers' compensation. Not having this type of insurance may make a business more vulnerable to certain lawsuits.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: This type of insurance repairs or replaces building and business property in the case of disasters or crime. It can be customized based on the risks that businesses face in a location or line of work. Certain types of insurance may be required in Texas based on your location.
  • Business Income Insurance: This insurance is like commercial property insurance, but it protects incomes instead of property. If an event occurs where businesses are unable to operate when they could have been making money, this type of insurance can help come losses. It's more common among businesses that depend on foot traffic in a brick-and-mortar location.

If you own or operate a business in Texas, it's important to have the right type of insurance! Ross Insurance Agency can help companies in the Waco area to find out what insurance they need, and how to balance coverage expenses. Contact us today to learn more!