Home insurance requirements

Home insurance is so important for homeowners. Insurance helps you feel secure and safe in your home, knowing that you’re covered if anything happens at all. While home insurance is flexible and can cover different things depending on your wants and needs, you should read up on your requirements and recommendations when it comes to insurance. 

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Requirements in Texas

Texas actually does not have specific homeowners insurance requirements. This means you technically do not need to get insurance for your home if you do not want to. But is this the best idea?

The short answer is no. It is never a good idea not to get insured. You could experience anything from a break-in to flooding or even someone tripping over in your house. Texas also has many places with frequent natural disasters such as storms and floods, and if you live in an area at risk for this, you should definitely include this on your insurance plan. 

Additionally, mortgage providers can refuse you any loans if you do not get your house insured. Similarly, you can be refused loans for not being insured for a natural disaster if you live in an area that is at a risk for it.

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