Required Commercial Insurance in Texas

When you own a business in Texas, there are certain types of commercial insurance that you have to have by state law. There is mandatory insurance, and then there are many types of commercial insurance that are generally recommended to business owners but that are not required. If you are interested in commercial insurance, give us a call now at Ross Insurance Agency in  Waco, TX.

Commercial Auto Insurance

A vehicle in Texas that is owned by a business must have commercial auto insurance. This insurance is required to have at least a specific amount of coverage for bodily injury liability for one person who becomes injured in an accident with the vehicle and another, a larger amount is required for all of the people injured in an accident. The policy must also have a set minimum amount of property damage liability. These amounts are relatively low in Texas, however, and it’s generally recommended that you raise the amount of coverage that you have to be able to pay for a serious accident. 

Other Commercial Insurance Types

Most states mandate that a business must have workers’ compensation insurance so that they are covered in case an employee has an accident at work. This isn’t required in Texas, but it’s highly recommended for businesses of every size. Another type of insurance that is important for many businesses is cyber insurance. This protects you in case of data theft and other risks that a business today faces. Getting a business owner’s insurance policy protects you against a number of risks that your business may face, and it’s highly recommended for most businesses. 

Get Your Commercial Insurance Policies

When you need commercial insurance policies to protect your business and your finances, you can give us a call at Ross Insurance Agency in Waco, TX.